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Seven places to find London Fog Lattes in Pittsburgh

click to enlarge Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey enjoying a London Fog latte - CP ILLUSTRATION: ABBIE ADAMS
CP Illustration: Abbie Adams
Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey enjoying a London Fog latte
For Pittsburgh City Paper staffers Jordan Snowden and Abbie Adams, nothing says cozy winter like the sweet and gentle taste of a London Fog latte. A London Fog is simply a fancy name for an Earl Grey tea latte, but it’s the perfect pick-me-up on a dreary Pittsburgh day, of which there are so many.

Typically, the warm drink is made with Earl Grey tea, frothed milk, sugar or a sweetener, and, if the barista is feeling fancy, vanilla. But then Starbucks added London Fogs to their menu, and with it came another ingredient — lavender. The fragrant flower can now be found in many London Fog recipes, adding a relaxing element to the already warm and pleasant drink. Either way, they are oh so delicious.

CP compiled a list of places where London Fogs can be found in Pittsburgh. This list is nowhere all-encompassing, but it’s a good place to start.

Creative Coffee & Supply
309 Smithfield St., Downtown
This Downtown spot offers a London Fog with lavender, but also has a Pittsburgh Fog opinion, in which they add a shot of espresso.

Bantha Tea Bar
5002 Penn Ave., Bloomfield.
Bantha updates their menu seasonally, and their winter menu includes a London Fog with lavender, but the cafe aptly named it Bloomfield Fog.

California Coffee Bar
3619 California Ave., Brighton Heights
This coffee bar uses a lavender Earl Grey to make their London Fog, available iced or hot.

Gasoline Street Coffee Company
643 First Ave., Downtown
Instead of sugar, this Downtown spot uses honey to sweeten their floral tea latte.

The Abbey on Butler Street
4635 Butler St., Lawrenceville
Called London After Midnight, their frothy version includes lavender.

Geppetto Cafe
4121 Butler St., Lawrenceville
This cafe uses Earl Grey tea from a local tea shop just up the hill, Gryphon’s Tea.

Multiple locations
When in a pinch, grab a London Fog iced or hot from this national chain, which uses Italian bergamot blends with subtle hints of lavender, instead of the classic Earl Grey tea.

De Fer Coffee & Tea
2002 Smallman St., Strip District.
This cafe uses three single state black teas that they source and blend themselves, half and half, and a splash of vanilla. You can also ask for it to be made with lavender earl grey tea, too. Bonus: they have an Earl Grey Tea Cake, described as “somewhere between bread and cake, this is a perfect anytime snack. Served with butter and lemon zest.”

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