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Since most of us aren't likely to lead the dreamy, carefree lives of the young, hot, witty and fabulously employed, there can be no limit to the number of Triumph of the Nerd films we’ll good-naturedly indulge. This latest is Todd Phillips' updating of the 1960 British comedy. New York City meter maid Roger (played by today’s go-to nose-picker, Jon Heder) can’t make the scene with his sweet neighbor (Jacinda Barrett) until he signs up for a secret manhood-training class, run by the take-no-prisoners Dr. P (Billy Bob Thornton). But Roger proves too adept a student, and soon he and Dr. P are vying not just for the girl, but also to see who can be the most deviously manly. Expect a few laughs, but as is typical with such single-minded comedies, after the first hour the energy fizzles. And you know what — I wanna root for Roger, but really, watching the nerd get the girl isn't that funny.

Rating: 2 projectors

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