SAVE THE GREEN PLANET! | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

A troubled young man kidnaps and tortures the CEO of a chemical company, believing him to be an alien leader mere hours away from destroying Earth. Jang Jun-Hwan's debut film is a curious mix of dark comedy, police procedural, 1970s-style eco-terror sci-fi brooder and demented personal vision, complemented with a healthy dash of Tarantino-esque violence and plenty of riffs on classic films (The Collector, Reservoir Dogs). It doesn't all work (the presence of the lad's tight-rope-walking girlfriend simply seems odd for its own sake) or necessarily gel together, but Jang does achieve a satisfyingly weird vibe, even as he crafts a last-reel polemic about man's inhumanity. And he switches our allegiances from character to character with some facility, adding a few more twists to his Mobius-loop of an oddball thriller. In Korean, with subtitles. Starts Fri., June 24. Harris (AH)

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