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I'm a 27-year-old divorced woman. I married the first man I ever had sex with, and we had a very vanilla sex life. My fantasies have always involved my submission and my favorite porn features women being submissive.

My current boyfriend is very open and experienced. With him, I've tried light bondage, dirty talk, gentle choking, etc. The sex is AMAZING. Here's my problem: A few nights ago while we were watching TV and cuddling, he started to stroke my body. I asked if I could touch myself and if he would keep watching TV while I did it. I had the most intense orgasm of my life while he ignored me.

My concern is that this submission might spill over into the relationship. I am NOT submissive in the relationship; we're very much equals. I'm concerned this could lead to him thinking that I want to be ignored in other aspects of the relationship.

Seeing as this is the first time I've been able to indulge my submissive desires, I might be worrying over nothing. I'm feeling like an emotionally leotarded, sexually repressed teen-ager.

Scared Of Submission


Keep talking to your boyfriend, leotard, and you'll be just fine.

At first it struck me as odd that you would be troubled by a sweet moment of soft-focus, fuzzy-bunnies Dom/sub intimacy and not by the other, arguably more intense, SM games you've been playing. There you are getting held down, tied up and "gently choked" (gentle or not, choking is a bad idea) ... and you're worried that being ignored while you masturbate takes you into dangerously submissive territory?

After a moment's thought, I realized why this particular game troubled you so much: All of that other stuff took place in sexual contexts, i.e., it happened in the bedroom while you were getting it on. This game began during a moment of not specifically sexual intimacy. You were cuddling, you were watching TV, you weren't having sex. If Dom/sub games can break out when you're just watching TV, who's to say they can't break out when you're doing the dishes? Or having dinner with your parents?

You can have the Dom/sub dynamics without having them slopping over into other areas of your life, by being assertive, communicative and vigilant. If you can ask a man to ignore you and keep watching TV while you masturbate, you should be able to say this to him: "Being submissive turns me on when we're having sex -- and the minute I started masturbating, we were having sex -- but if you treat me like anything other than your equal when we're not having sex, I will kick your fucking ass."


My guy wants to come in my mouth. But he produces a high volume of ejaculate, like three tablespoons' worth. The only thing I can think of is getting him most of the way there and letting him come on my face. Any advice on how I can do this?

GGG Sex Partner


I measured out three tablespoons of half-and-half, and you couldn't drown a kitten in it. An adult should be able to knock that back without much trouble.

If there's too much ejaculate to swallow, or if you can't manage to precisely time swallows to spurts, allow the excess to run out of the corners of your mouth. If you don't want to swallow any ejaculate, close the top of your throat when he begins to come and spit it all out once he's done.


I recently started college, and I met an amazing woman. Call her Jennifer. I met her at the Renaissance Club, and the first time I saw her at Fight Circle I was intrigued. Older club members often adopt new club members. Jennifer and her girlfriend, Robin, adopted me as their daughter. A couple weeks afterward, the three of us decided to have a pet/Mistresses relationship. I was content because it would allow me to get closer to Jennifer. One night, she and I "slept" together, and soon afterward, Jennifer decided to put the pet/Mistress relationship on hold because she didn't want to drag me into her relationship drama.

Should I wait for them to break up (they have been having arguments lately and Robin isn't aware that Jennifer and I "slept" together), wait for Robin to allow us to have a pet/Mistress relationship again, or just move on?

Ex-Pet Lesbian


Sword fights, adoptions, pets, Mistresses, faux-incest/pseudo-bestiality role-playing games -- a lot has changed at Liberty University since I was an undergrad.

If Jennifer and Robin are falling apart, step back and be patient. That way you won't be held responsible by the rest of Renaissance Club once you and Jennifer resume your pet/Mistress/mommy/daughter/whatever routine.


I am living with a man whom I deeply love. I recently noticed that he is watching porn when I am not around. My self-esteem crashed because he often claimed to be too tired to have sex. At the same time, I noticed that since he started watching porn, we have had a lot more sex. Can you help me sort this out?

Bummed By Porn


I get lots of letters complaining about "too tired for sex" partners sneaking off to watch porn. I had to read your letter twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things: Your partner used to claim he was too tired for sex, but now that he's watching a little porn, you're having a lot more sex ... and you're still bummed out?

He's using porn to get his juices flowing, and those juices are ultimately flowing into you. Perhaps you should be grateful to porn for the way it's improved your sex life.


I'm a straight male who skipped the sleeping-around phase. Now in my 30s, I find myself wanting to make up for lost time. I've talked to my girlfriend of eight years about threesomes, arrangements, swinging -- anything to sleep with other women and still hold on to my relationship. My girlfriend says her sexually adventurous days are behind her. She has a low sex drive and doesn't want to waste what she has on other people.

Part of me thinks I can't be happy sexually having never had a sexually adventurous phase, and part of me fears that I'm giving up a loving relationship for what others tell me isn't a big deal anyway.



You break up.

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