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Europe seems like a groovy place to live today, especially if you're young, smart, sexually adventurous, and starring in a hip comedy: London by day, Paris by night, and St. Petersburg tomorrow ... call me on my multi-lingual mobile! Cédric Klapisch catches up with that handsome gang he introduced us to in 2002's The Spanish Apartment. The assorted collection of artists and dreamers may be hitting 30, but their romantic travails haven't settled down. Romain Duris heads the cast, reprising his role as Xavier, the compromised writer and the mostly decent boyfriend who dabbles in dalliances across borders. There's not much fresh about the plot, but the ample location shooting at least makes this slightly more cerebral Friends an easily digested Euro-fabulous travelogue. In French and various languages, with subtitles, and English. Starts Fri., July 14. Harris (AH)

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