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Row House Cinema screens work by local filmmakers through its virtual theater

click to enlarge Eating & Working & Eating & Working - PHOTO: DAVID BERNABO
Photo: David Bernabo
Eating & Working & Eating & Working
Local movie theaters have been staying active with virtual film screenings. Patrons can pay a cheaper price than a normal ticket to rent a movie that would otherwise be screening in theaters right now, from their homes. Row House Cinema is taking it a step further by showing a lineup by Pittsburgh filmmakers, with a portion of "ticket" sales going directly toward the filmmakers. 

Row House will show a new film by a local filmmaker every week. First up, it's Eating & Working & Eating & Working by David Bernabo. The 2018 documentary focuses on the food industry, from chefs to bakers to grocery store owners, with discussions "ranging from a history of gender-based pay inequity to macho kitchen attitudes to the role of redlining practices."

“The film honors the hard work of Pittsburgh’s food industry workers. Now is a perfect time to appreciate and respect what they do," says Bernabo in a press release.

With each rental, 60% of sales go to the filmmaker and 40% go to Row House.

The next film on the roster is Sobre Las Olas, a documentary by Carolina Loyola-Garcia, which begins on May 8th. The film explores the place of flamenco dance in the U.S. and "the deep song, the cry, the rhythm" that comes along with it.

Tickets can be purchased through the Row House website.

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