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Role Models

Cheap plot, cheap laughs mark this comedy about mentoring

If you don't quite have the energy to process a brand-new story, but need a brainless laugh or two, David Wain's raunchy comedy ought to fit the bill. In it, a couple of goofball underachievers get court-ordered to mentor two troublesome young teens. Dim-bulb party boy Wheeler (Seann William Scott) gets Ronnie (Bobb'e J. Thompson), a foul-mouthed prankster; just-dumped Danny (Paul Rudd) lands Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who stole Superbad as McLovin), who lives for medieval battle re-enactments. It all goes badly, until everybody pitches in -- during Ye Olde Ultimate Battle, natch -- to help everybody else. Awwww, two boys and two grown men inch toward maturity -- one crotch-kick at a time. It ends, as it must, with a group high-five. Starts Fri., Nov. 7.

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