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Rock 'n' roll is here to stay. It will never die. That is, not if Paul Green keeps on rockin' in the free world. Green -- the real-life edition of Jack Black's maniacal, yet lovable, character from 2003's School of Rock -- molds the minds of a group of 9- to 17-year-olds in his Philadelphia after-school program for those about to rock, teaching them the majesty of rock and the pageantry of roll. At Green's school, novices learn AC/DC and Black Sabbath, while the all-star students hone their chops on the tunes of Frank Zappa. The only people this heartwarming movie will offend are the religious right, but they don't rock anyway, so who cares? It's a shame that everyone who watched Jack Black's movie won't see this parade of fascinating young characters, far more compelling than their fictional counterparts. Don Argott's rock-solid rockumentary will rock you like a hurricane. Long live rock. Starts Fri., June 17. Squirrel Hill (HM)

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