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This slick, passably amusing computer animation is mostly in it for the nostalgia, wistful for the comforts of ideology and stuff. Set in a retro-futuro science-fiction world cobbled from a circa-1959 toy chest and chunks of your dad's Plymouth Satellite, it's an Horatio Alger story about a plucky young robot from a dead-end (but still idyllic) small town seeking his fortune as an inventor in the big city. There he runs smack into a corporate cabal plotting a kind of mechano-genocide against the robot underclass by ceasing production of spare parts. It's rather dark material that the technical wizards who made Ice Age fluff with diverting visuals, a body-image-positive message, and mercurial comic relief by Robin Williams as a the voice of a wheedling skid-robot. Right-wingers, meanwhile, needn't worry that Robots pushes health care as a right: Justice is restored by an indomitable band of reformers working within the system, and all good flows from the beneficence of an old-school industrialist.

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