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Right Track Addiction Services at the Forefront of Pittsburgh's Addiction Care

While opioid dependence is a major issue in Pittsburgh, and has only gotten worse as Fentanyl increases overdose rates, most people can’t simply walk away from it. And with the stresses and demands of the pandemic wearing on everyone, those with addiction issues have had a particularly rough time.

Fortunately, Right Track Addiction Services has been meeting these challenges with patients all along. At the forefront of Pittsburgh’s opiate recovery, Right Track is an outpatient center with plenty of COVID-safe options like tele-health and video conferencing. Their flexibility and willingness to work with peoples busy schedules are things their current patients really love.

Right Track uses a combination of Suboxone, medical marijuana, and tapering to help patients get clean. Their approach works by reducing cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and the physical pain that has caused some people to become addicted to prescription painkillers. This reduction in physical symptoms helps with mental clarity and creates room for an individual to work on the mental and emotional aspects of recovery needed to achieve sustained clean time. When a solid foundation is established, patients can begin tapering off of the medication with a clear mind and a higher chance of success. Right Track is one of the only programs in Pittsburgh that has been helping people get completely off of Suboxone.

Right Track understands that recovery is a challenging process and they strive to give their patients the best chance for success. There are a few things that set Right Track apart from many of the treatment centers in the Pittsburgh area:

  • Highly flexible appointment scheduling
  • A staff that has firsthand experience with addiction
  • Highly individualized recovery plans that fits the best needs of the patient
  • 7 day a week staff availability
  • Patient involvement in recovery plan decision making
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere

These are among the reasons why Right Track has become a leader in the field in the Pittsburgh area. Behind Dr. Norman Frey, with over 30 years as a practicing doctor, and Matt Workman, who has experience running educational groups on addiction at UPMC, Right Track brings a wealth of experience and firsthand care to treatment.
Patients have noticed, and have seen the results and changes in their life. “When I started my journey here, I was nervous and did not know what to expect,” A.S. said. “Matt and the doctor are thorough, caring, and go out of their way to help and support you. They also helped me to taper down off of Suboxone completely! Which is something I haven't seen anywhere else ... I am 2.5 years sober and could NEVER have done this without them!”

Prioritizing wellness over profits, Right Track is here to help no matter where you are in your journey. As A.F. said, “This place has been amazing since Day 1 for me. The day I called, they had me scheduled to speak with a doctor THAT day. They listened to my situation and needs without judgement. Matt is fantastic with communication and I do feel cared for by him and Dr. Frey.”

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