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Family Planning: What to do with kids in town?

As a rule, City Paper staffers don't reproduce: The only thing we're interested in breeding is contempt. But even we have the occasional nephew to babysit, the wayward foundling to care for. So what do we do when the little blighters are left in our charge?

Life Inside the Triangle: A brief survey of local GLBT organizations and events

Although Pittsburgh is the birthplace of such gay notables as Andy Warhol and Gertrude Stein, they had to leave town to fulfill their destinies. These days, though, there's every reason to stay: Pittsburgh boasts its own established gay community, with welcoming neighborhoods and activities for young and old.

The Path of Lease Resistance: A quick guide to resources for renters

Pittsburgh's rental market has grown increasingly diverse in recent years, with apartments ranging from ridiculously pricey lofts to ridiculously cheap student flophouses. But wherever you live, as a renter there are three things you should know.

Feet First: A guide to Pittsburgh hiking opportunities

This is a city graced with expansive city parks, organizations committed to showing off the region's rich history and diverse charms, and a surprising amount of flat terrain. It all adds up to a great town to enjoy on foot, whether one is walking for exercise, fun, edification, or all combined.

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