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Two artistically ambitious pals stumble into adulthood in this Norwegian drama

At the start of Joachim Trier's quirkily but elegantly constructed coming-of-age drama, two young Norwegians and best pals drop the manuscripts of their respective first novels into the post box. Phillip's (Anders Danielsen Lie) book is published, but he soon suffers a breakdown. Erik's (Espen Klouman-Høiner) novel is rejected, and he alternately slacks, works on another book and tends to Phillip. Trier, who co-wrote the script, spins out a familiar story of bright young privileged men who find that adult life, with all its promise of creative freedom, success and romance, isn't quite what they expected. But Reprise brings some freshness to the genre: There are disjointed flashbacks, an authoritative yet wry commentary from an unidentified voiceover, and some literalizing of the title, which suggest that life is a really a series of do-overs (or borrowed adaptations). Trier's film is thoughtful, but it's not all Nordic gloom: The handsome cast is easy on the eyes, and there are a number of genuinely funny moments. In Norwegian, with subtitles. Starts Fri., July 11. Manor (AH)

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