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Red Riding Hood

Catherine Hardwicke's gothic melodrama plays like a lazy mash-up of Twilight and the classic fairy tale

This would have been a much better music video than full-length film. The mountain scenery; the charmingly cheesy medieval-village set; shots of the moon glowing red; two good-looking young men; one showboating priest; and a gorgeous wide-eyed blonde (Amanda Seyfried) running through the snow, with an impossibly red cape billowing behind her. There's very little plot, and virtually no examination of potential underlying themes, such as sexuality, independence vs. family or the lure of danger. Viewers get a jump-out scare or two, and for tension, Seyfried whips her head around fearfully more times than that startled YouTube groundhog. And the cape is faaaabuuuuulous. But for compelling story, hunt elsewhere.

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