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Danish director Christoffer Boe's Reconstruction begs repeated viewing, both for its challenging narrative and its artful aesthetics. In a "story within a story," candy-for-the-eyes photographer Alex (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) is drawn away from his girlfriend and into an alternate version of his Copenhagen life by a mysterious woman, leaving the viewer to decide what to believe. The film's first portion is a gorgeous nocturne, rendered with varying and experimental visual techniques that suck you in, only to spit you back out into the harsh light of day, where the nature of Alex's reality begins to waver. Actress Maria Bonnevie's dual role as both women adds to the confusion, her appeal rendering Alex as sympathetic, rather than just another celluloid cad. Indeed, all characters are sympathetic within the chaos, including Alex's lover's cuckolded auteur husband, who could very well have penned the whole mess. Or did he? In Danish with subtitle. Fri., Dec. 17, through Sun., Dec. 19. Melwood (HM)

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