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Recipe: Gab Bonesso's election night cocktail

It's called "The Rodham," but red or blue, this one's for you

click to enlarge The RODHAM - CP PHOTO: GAB BONESSO
CP photo: Gab Bonesso

Election Day is right around the corner. And if you're anything like me, the word “election” alone feels like a stressor after 2016.

This might shock you, dear readers, but I did not vote for Mr. Trump.  I know you were on the fence as to where I stand politically, but I assure you I’m a “bleeding heart” lefty.

The election of 2016 left me more empty than any other election in my lifetime.

It wasn’t Republicans vs. Democrats for me.  It was the possibility of having representation in the highest office. It was going to be the biggest step forward towards gender equality in my lifetime, and then, it wasn’t.

I remember texting my sister after Hillary conceded and telling her it felt like we lost our mother all over again. The level of grief was unparalleled.

That’s why, in honor of this year’s extremely important election, I created a cocktail in honor of my favorite Presidential Candidate of all-time and the only woman in American history to win the popular vote for president.

I present to you … THE RODHAM!

The RODHAM is a scotch-based concoction that I invented for one of the strongest women who has ever existed.

The drink starts with two ice cubes to represent how cool Hillary is under pressure. (Y'all remember the Benghazi hearings, right?)

Then I pour two ounces of the finest scotch known to man ... Laphroaig. You only use the best when you are representing the best.

Next is a half ounce of fresh orange juice and half an ounce of simple syrup. Hillary’s critics find her to be acidic, but I find her to be sweet as syrup.

Finally, in honor of Hillary’s love of hot sauce, I add three dashes of Red Hot. She can handle the HEAT!

Regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, this drink will help you medicate if the results do not go in your favor on election night.

Red or Blue, this one is for you!

(Note: I garnished the drink with a banana pepper and some cherries to add some flare. Not at all necessary.)

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