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1717 Murray Ave.
Squirrel Hill


The Forbes and Murray corridor in Squirrel Hill already boasts an astounding four frozen dairy-treat purveyors. Can there really be room for another?

The answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" because Razzy Fresh Frozen Yogurt offers both a new product -- and a unique experience. Having seen the success of California-style frozen-yogurt venues elsewhere, proprietor James Chen reckoned the neighborhood could go for something a little different. Indeed, on a warm afternoon, there's a steady stream of families and college students stopping in. The store is open seven days, from noon to 11 p.m.

Razzy Fresh, which opened last month, is tucked into a tiny slot along Murray, but the compact space, done up in yellow, red and green, is bright and inviting. Along the back ceramic-tiled wall are six frozen-yogurt dispensers – three machines with two taps each.

The yogurt flavors rotate: The day I stopped by, the choices were peanut butter, passion fruit, original (slightly sweet and tart), raspberry, triple chocolate and taro, which though derived from the tuber, had a pleasant melon-like taste. On other days, a patron may find cheesecake, cookies and cream, red velvet cake, banana, lychee, papaya or honeydew.

The yogurt itself has the thick, smooth consistency of frozen custard, as well as a pleasing tartness that underlies even the strongest flavors. And, though still a sweet treat, this is yogurt, with active cultures and all their healthful benefits.

But the fun part is that Razzy Fresh is self-serve. Just grab a cup, and step up to the yogurt spigots. Hit your fave, or mix-and-match: Each machine can do a swirl of its two flavors. I managed to get a good-sized dollop of all six flavors sitting side-by-side in one cup.

Next, head to the topping bar, where two dozen add-ins await your judicious (or not) selection -- everything from fresh fruit and candy pieces to nuts and dry cereal. (Ahoy there, Cap'n Crunch!) Take your concoction to the register where it's weighed and priced at 42 cents an ounce. Medium-sized servings range between $3-4.

A huge attraction of Razzy Fresh is that the customer controls the product. Triple chocolate with peanuts, strawberries, granola, one gummy bear and a final top-off squirt of raspberry yogurt, plus jimmies? No problem! Here, you're free to be your own yogurt barista and indulge your very best (and worst) desires.

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