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Helen Harris (the frothier-than-ever Kate Hudson) is jolted out of her fabulous, jet-set Manhattan life when her sister and brother-in-law are killed, and the will leaves their three children to Helen rather than her super-mom sister Jenny (played by the disappointingly bland Joan Cusack). Helen, of course, overcomes the obstacles of being pitched headfirst into motherhood and finds love along the way with a Lutheran minister (John Corbett, of Sex and the City fame). Directed by Garry Marshall, this is one of those films that attempts to be more than a romantic comedy and fails. You'll get a little misty, and then resent having been emotionally manipulated by the time you throw away your popcorn, because this movie is really about Kate Hudson, her effervescent, infectious smile, and her oh-so-subtle wardrobe evolution from selfish and fashion-obsessed in head-to-toe black to khakis, soft pastels and emotional maturity. 1.5 cameras

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