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Photo: Shauna Miller
The Buckle Downs
We're stuck at home. Musicians are stuck at home. We're looking for entertainment. Musicians are looking to entertain. So City Paper is working with Pittsburgh artists and bands to bring you Quarantunes, a series of at-home performances to bring a little enjoyment to your day.

Pittsburgh-based genre-blending outfit, The Buckle Downs is made up of 
Markila "Kiki" Sherman (vocals), Ernie Francestine (guitar), Matt Mittleman (drums), Damien "Doodle" DeTroia (bass), and Dave Filonuk (keys). So for today's Quarantunes, the funk/soul/rock group used the power of video-editing to piece together a performance of “I Know You Better,” a track from the first volume of their newest album, There It Is.

The video features the
disembodied heads of three Shermans, singing the main and backup vocals, and close-up shots of the rest of the band members playing their respective instruments as they bounce around the screen.

There It Is is set to be released in three separate volumes over the course of 2020. The first, which dropped Jan. 10, is available on most major streaming platforms. Nearly all of the other two volumes are recorded, The Buckle Downs are waiting for the world to unpause to finish the rest.

Check out the video and find out a little bit more about The Buckle Downs, below.

What's been your favorite thing to do while home?
Matt: I like cooking for the fam and working on music while locked up.
Ernie: Record folk-prog music that will never see the light of day

Name a song that you feel encapsulates our current state.
Matt: "Everybody Hides" by Wilco.
Ernie: F
eeling '80s music by '70s rock gods (David Gilmour, Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell). "Dweller on the Threshold" by Van Morrison is a great example.

If you could go one place right now, where would it be?
Matt: If I could be anywhere, it would have to involve thousands of calories, a lot of drinks with a lot of people, and very loud live music.
Ernie: A concert!

Want to participate in CP's Quarantune series? Reach out to Jordan at jsnowden[at]pghcitypaper.com.

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