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Q&A with Kahone Concept’s Ben Orrvick

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Kahone Concept
2020 has been the year of quarantine and isolation, and Kahone Concept’s Ben Orrvick has been utilizing the alone time to discover more of himself as both an individual and an artist.

Orrvick, a Pittsburgh musician who writes, records, and produces all of his own work, is a recent college graduate trying to navigate the transition into post-college life during an ongoing pandemic.

“I am in a weird stage in life,” he says, “and it has been hard. I decided I want to change a lot of the Kahone Concept ‘brand’ if that’s what you want to call it, so I have just really been trying to pinpoint how I can convey the direction I want it to take it.”

Instead of working on a cohesive EP or album — the last project Orrvick released was the EP And Then, My Five in 2018 — the alternative indie pop/rock musician focused on a string of singles showing his personal side. “Attention Addict,” released in March, is a pop-leaning track about accepting emotions that come with being human. “Maybe,” which sits in the alternative/indie realm, is a moody ballad about self-doubt and failing a partner’s expectations. Orrvick’s most recent track, “Intricated,” which dropped at the end of August, is his first direct love song, a melancholy pop tune written after a love was unrequited.

“I have found that I am spending a lot more time doing things the correct way or at least focusing on details when it comes to recording,” says Orrvick. “I took a few free classes online during quarantine so I wanted to put them to use.”

Pittsburgh City Paper caught up with Orrvick to find out more about his music and himself as a person.

Who would you say is your biggest pop influence?
Right now I don't have a go-to answer just because it's a weird time in life for me, but Coldplay has always been one of those bands that finds a way back into my life. Matt Maeson, I find I listen to a lot, I like his stripped-back versions of his songs. I am thinking about doing something like that myself.

Have you seen a change in your music tastes? If so, in what ways?
Hmm. Not really. I am always open to new music. I've never really cared about the genre, I just listen, and if it makes me feel something, I like it. If not, I usually don't connect with it and listen to it again on my own time. There are always exceptions, though. Some songs require a couple listens, and then I'm like, wow, this song is amazing!

Name an album that you think everyone should listen to.
The Balcony by Catfish and the Bottlemen is really good!

What upcoming projects do you have in the works?
I am currently recording the last song from this 2020 song batch. I think after, I am gonna record an acoustic EP of the new songs and then start a new era. Also, I am working on rewriting my live set so hopefully in 2021, the shows will be even more fun.

What's something that's been bringing you joy?
This year I mentioned a lot of my music stuff changed, but mainly because I, as a person, have really learned a lot and kind of started again with myself. Just noticing the progress in my mental state and the fact I've been able to maintain the positive change is a really hopeful and joyful feeling. I have a long way to go to be a better and kinder person, but I'm really trying to work on it.

Are you a fall, winter, spring, or summer person?
Summer is the best. I absolutely love walking outside when it's dark out at night and the air is warm. It instantly makes me happy. Winter gets dreary, but it has its moments. Fall is the worst for me because growing up, I absolutely dreaded going to school, and I relate fall to that.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
A phone that works and can call for help and a billion dollars. That way, when I get back home, I can buy all the music stuff I want! I would probably chill on the island for a day or so, though, because I love places like that. When it comes time to eat or whatever, I will just call for help!

What's something you want people to know about you or your music?
My music to me is more than just sounds or a hobby. It's a way of holding myself accountable and each song is kind of like pieces of a diary, but it is public. I need to get a big boy job right now (been searching for software developer positions) so I can support my music career, but I have always felt I enjoy music so much and seem to have a knack for it to not be doing it as my main job. Regardless, if I live to 100, I will still be making music so that will never change.


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