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pvkvsv is killing it smoothly with peels 2

The first track on peels 2 by pvkvsv opens with a punchy keyboard chord drenched in reverb. It’s heavy. And worry that you are in store for an effects-laden, overproduced album hits you. But that thought is quickly dismissed.

There’s not a lot happening on peels 2, which is a testament to the patience of this album. pvkvsv is not stacking hooks, beats, or earworm melodies, begging for listeners. Instead, the artist trusts you to enjoy the anticipation with tracks that are filled with purposeful drumlines and auxiliary percussion.

That’s not to say there aren’t killer grooves on peels 2. The 10-track album is littered with horns, claves, shakers, bongos, and meandering baselines that come together to produce what sounds like a compilation album of the best intros, outros, and interludes from ’70s soul records.  

peels 2 creates a smooth sonic ambiance that feels immediate but also hearkens to a funkier time. It takes you to a place that is familiar, but that you can’t quite label, like a comforting déjà vu.  

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