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Production Procedures Productions releases fifth annual Halloween Compilation

If you haven't figured it out from the inflatable ghosts and plastic scarecrows in people's yards, it's just about time to dress up like someone you're not and beg for candy -- though from what I can tell from walking through the Strip District, a lot of Pittsburgh guys and gals already do that most weekend nights anyway. But Halloween is still the most rock 'n' roll holiday, and once again, Production Procedures Productions is celebrating the blend of evil and fun that's common to both.

As PPP, Jason and Jonathan Dowling have been putting out an annual compilation since 2003; this year's RIPPP 2007 Halloween Compilation features a slew of local acts contributing mainly exclusive tracks: Everyone from Weird Paul to The Maxipads to The Gothees (naturally covering "Bela Lugosi's Dead"). This year, PPP celebrates the season with two release shows. The first night, Fri., Oct. 26, at the Shooting Gallery (under Arsenal Lanes, in Lawrenceville) features The Seeing Eyeballs, The Goonies, the Smut Project, DJ Mary Mack and -- God help us -- a Cyndi Lauper tribute called The Silver Eagle Band. It starts at the witching hour of 7:30, is all-ages and free. The grownups' show, Sat., Oct. 27, is at Gooski's and features The Gothees, We Are The Seahorses, Amoeba Knievel and Marvin Dioxide. This show starts at 10 p.m. and costs five bones.

One of the area's top funk and R&B groups is looking for a new singer -- and opening a new chapter. Just last week, The Boogie Hustlers played their last show with Vince Wylie, the band's vocalist of four years. An open letter from Wylie on the band's MySpace page cites his exhaustion with the regional touring the band's been doing. "I love Pittsburgh and I want to live out my days here with my family and friends, watch the Steelers, spend time in the mountains, and enjoy a simple life," he writes. "The road has shown me that there truly is no place like home." Well, Dorothy, just click your black 'n' gold slippers already.

It's somewhat ironic that Wylie's last show was also the release for the Hustlers' sophomore album, the smooth and soulful True Colors. With the rest of the band determined to soldier on in his absence, it's equally hard to miss that the album's opening line is "Don't stop believin' what you're doing." The Hustlers pick it back up on Nov. 10 with a show at Déjà Vu, featuring acclaimed young R&B vocalist Margot B.

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