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Preview: ReelQ film festival runs Oct. 11-14

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ReelQ Film Festival

ReelQ Film Festival. Times vary. Thu., Oct. 11-Sun., Oct. 14. Harris Theater, 809 Liberty Ave., Downtown.

Despite increased representation at awards shows, depictions of LGBTQ life in film are still rare - complex, nuanced, and relatable queer stories are even rarer. To combat this, the ReelQ film festival, started by the Pittsburgh Gay & Lesbian Film Society in 1982, provides a curated selection of queer films ranging from goofy comedies to eye-opening documentaries. CP picked out some highlights.

Ideal Home
Directed by: Andrew Fleming

Erasmus (Steve Coogan) is a chef with a successful TV show, which is produced by his partner Paul (Paul Rudd). Their marriage is a mixed bag, full of bickering and drinking. When a surprise grandson (Jack Gore) shows up at their door, refusing to say his name and eating only Taco Bell, the two must adjust their lifestyle. There are plenty of off-the-wall comedies about dysfunctional families, and so it’s nice to finally see one represent a gay family, too. 7:30 p.m. Thu., Oct. 11

Directed by: Yen Tan
Set during the Reagan Administration and AIDS crisis, the black and white movie follows Adrian (Cory Michael Smith) as he returns home to Texas from New York to visit his family. He’s unable to be completely open about his identity in the conservative town, and must reckon maintaining a relationship with his family without compromising his sexual identity. 4 p.m. Sat., Oct. 13

Directed by: Gabriel Silverman and Fiona Dawson
The U.S military is the largest transgender employer in the country, but the ban on transgender service was only lifted in 2016. Now, with President Trump threatening to reinstate the ban, transgender people are once again fighting for their livelihoods. TransMilitary follows trans people serving in the military as they struggle with outdated dress regulations, relationships, and an oppressive government. 5:30 p.m. Sun., Oct. 14

When the Beat Drops
Directed by: Jamal Sims
Styles of dance created by black performers are often co-opted and popularized by white artists, giving little to no credit to their origins. But bucking, a style of dance that originated at southern HBCUs, has remained almost exclusively dominated by black gay men. When the Beat Drops follows the competitive bucking dance community as they work to maintain the dance’s legacy, and find a line between their professional and private lives. 7:30 p.m. Sun., Oct. 14

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