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Pleasure Technicians 

Help Is on the Way
Lovely Recordings

When a band calls themselves Pleasure Technicians, they'd better practice what they preach. Well, these guys do. On Help Is on the Way, their first full-length release, they've taken a current trend ... electronic rock ... and bent it toward their own ends, crafting a synthesized rock sound that sets them apart from bands like the Killers, the Faint, the Rapture and so on.


Stylish and full of active rhythms, the songs feel alive and forceful. Something different draws your attention in each song. On the second track, "Delinquent," it's the prominence of the lead guitar, ringing like an alarm against the electronic beats and real drums keeping the tense pace. On "DX 007," it's the twinkly electronic samples popping in and out of the song in the beginning and the boisterous chorus sung by Jay Valentich.


And it's not just one main thing that's exceptional in each song ... the dynamic is due to the full layering of instruments and vocals. While some songs call to mind elements of the club-style dance music of aforementioned bands, others, such as "City Times," are full of indie-rock fuzz and ambience.


For this album, Pleasure Technicians joined the local label and music collective Lovely Recordings (which includes bands such as Shade and Olympus Mons). They celebrate the official release of Help Is on the Way with their labelmates The Picture at Brillobox, in Bloomfield, on Sat., April 15.


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