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Plasmid draws inspiration from a parenting book for its latest release, Hot Dog People

click to enlarge Dan Magdich and family - PHOTO: FRANK VILSACK
Photo: Frank Vilsack
Dan Magdich and family
On Fri., Nov. 15, Pittsburgh punk band Plasmid is set to drop a delectable new EP. Consisting of six bite-size energetic and catchy tracks, it depicts what it’s like to raise three "insane" kids.

The release, Hot Dog People EP, was inspired by chapters from their friend Dan Magdich’s book Hot Dog People and Other Bite-Size Sacrifices.

“This record was such a blast to create," says Doug Helmick, Plasmid guitarist.  "When Dan finished his book, I threw out the idea of writing a record based around the book. I mean, an opportunity to write about fart jokes and imaginary friends? Why would we pass that up?”

Hot Dog People and Other Bite-Size Sacrifices is a parenting book written from a father’s perspective. Through a collection of essays, haikus, illustrations, and more, Magdich talks about what to expect during the first six years of a child’s life, from potty training to cannibalism. The book is not for children but is about kids and their wild imaginations and outlook on life. 

“Being that Dan, his wife Crystal, and three kids all love punk music, it seemed like the perfect way to help promote the book," says Helmick. "We [Plasmid] started tossing ideas back and forth and landed on the six tracks, three of which are double tracks. There’s some aggressive sounding songs on this record, but we’re talking about not so serious topics — like kids pooping on the floor. We’ve never wrote songs like this before. It was fun to branch out and write this way. I hope when people listen to it, they have as much fun as we did making these songs.”
click to enlarge Plasmid - PHOTO: LAUREN STANLEY
Photo: Lauren Stanley
Hot Dog People EP will be available to stream Nov. 15.

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