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Pizza Taglio in East Liberty offer Roman-style pizza

The menu is small, but making a decision among the delicious-sounding pies won't be easy

There is no shortage of pizza joints in Pittsburgh, and yet a new spot can still entice. Pizza Taglio has taken over the old AVA spot in East Liberty, and on a warm night, the open-to-the-street, well-polished space looked — and smelled — quite inviting.

Taglio has a simple menu: a dozen pizzas (split evenly between white and red), an antipasto plate and fruit sorbets. The pizzas are "Roman style," meaning they have a thinner and crispier crust.

Let others debate crusts; there will be plenty of discussion which of pizzas to order. One pizza would just about feed two, but I took home extras and they heated up quite deliciously the next day; get a couple of flavors.

Among the whites: carbonara (with an egg), "The Jackie" (with prosciutto and truffle cream), or the more virtuous-sounding asparagus and cauliflower. I doubled down on dairy with the ricotta pie (fresh mozzarella, dollops of ricotta and blistered cherry tomatoes, topped with arugula). It was luxurious, without being greasy, and the half-clove of garlic I uncovered thankfully didn't translate to a too-garlicky white base.

Over on the red side, I regretfully passed by the Margherita and the "Bob Malnati" (with smoked mozzarella and Calabrian chilis), and picked "The Greenpointer": mozzarella, spicy sopressata and Mike's Hot Honey. Honey on pizza? No way! But the gamble paid off: The chili-infused honey played well with the light tomato base, giving it a deep fruity brightness.

Both pizzas were almost too thin in the middle — the toppings soaked through and folding was necessary. So don't wear your white linen suit, but when in Rome ... or the East End, do stop by Pizza Taglio.

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