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Pittsburgh's People of the Year 2021: Food and Drink

Trace Brewing becomes Bloomfield’s favorite neighbor

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Trace Brewing staff in Bloomfield
It’s hard to imagine a new neighbor being as welcomed and celebrated as quickly as Trace Brewing in Bloomfield. Opening in mid-2020 to take-out customers, long lines for the craft brewery started immediately. Yes, Trace was the first craft brewery to open in the neighborhood, and yes, demand for beer was especially high during the pandemic shutdowns. But something about Trace’s emergence really resonated with Bloomfielders. Then, in late 2020, Trace opened for dine-in service and things really took off. The brewery — a project between Dave Kushner, Aadam Soorma, Zach Colton, and Katie Rado — continued its momentum and became a popular drinking destination. In addition to its daytime coffee offerings and rotating variety of beers, Trace also hosts shows and events with local artists and drag performers. Its commitment to diversity in hiring, as well as partnering with Black and Latino-owned food trucks and businesses, has also made it an asset to the community. Housed in the former The Shop music venue, Trace’s spacious and modern decor, not to mention its pleasant patio, have Pittsburghers coming back each week.