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Pittsburghese is one of the unsexiest accents in America

The Pittsburgh accent, aka Pittsburghese, is a lot of things: unique, humorous, interesting, and uniting. But it is not sexy.

And now there's a survey that proves just how unsexy Pittsburghese is.

Big 7 Travel company surveyed 1.5 million people through social media asking them to rank the 50 sexiest American accents. They ranked Pittsburgh at 43.

Yinzers topped Floridians, Valley Girls, Southern Ohioans, Alaskans, Minnesotans, New Jerseyans, and Long Islanders. And Big 7 says we should consider ourselves lucky we didn’t top the list, considering that we have been ranked the ugliest accent in the past

“‘Yinz going Dahntahn?’ The Western Pennsylvania English accent is often considered the ugliest in all of America, so Pittsburgh locals can feel lucky that they’ve escaped last place this time around,” reads the Pittsburgh entry from Big 7 Travel’s ranking.

While many Pittsburghers are unlikely to dispute the Steel City vernacular’s low ranking, they might be perturbed to see in-state rival accent Philadelphia ranked sexily at number 8. Other regional accents are comparably as unsexy as Pittsburgh’s, with Appalachian clocking in a 40 and Pennsylvania Dutch at 41.

Topping the list of America's sexiest accents is the slow drawl of Texans, who also have much sexier barbecue than Pittsburghers. We just drown chipped-chopped ham in Isaly's barbecue sauce and call it day.

Maybe our accents would get a little more sex appeal if we talked a bit slower and drew out the vowels a bit. But then we might sound too much like a bunch of jagoffs. 

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