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Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland: The Rivalry Issue

A joint project with Cleveland Scene

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland: The Rivalry Issue
Cover illustrations by Pittsburgh artist Jim Rugg
This week’s Cleveland Scene and Pittsburgh City Paper covers

The Steelers are better than the Browns. Everybody knows it. There’s no denying it. And while the Pittsburgh-Cleveland rivalry may have started with a football game, it goes way beyond that. In this issue, we team up with our less-competent journalistic counterparts from Cleveland Scene to debate the merits of our city. Check out the arguments in our news, food and sports sections. 

Everyone knows about the Steelers vs.Browns rivalry, but Pittsburgh is way better than Cleveland in other ways, too

Just The Facts: Comparing Pittsburgh and Cleveland

The Rivalry Issue: Food Fight

The Rivalry Issue: Down the Hatch

The Rivalry Issue: And Action

The Rivalry Issue: Sport Status