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Pittsburgh Record Label Roundup: Devil Inside Records

No matter how ingrained you are in the Pittsburgh music scene, you still might not know just how many record labels are operating locally. Many of them fly under the radar, but they're definitely worth knowing.

So, Pittsburgh City Paper decided to create a Pittsburgh Record Label Roundup, featuring larger labels like the North Side’s Get Hip Recordings, to smaller ones like the electronic Machine Age, to help give a glimpse into the diverse and plentiful selection of record labels based in Pittsburgh.

Follow along with us (almost) every other weekday, as we will feature a different Pittsburgh-based label ... until we run out.
click to enlarge Dematus, the first band to join Devil Inside Records - PHOTO: DEVIL INSIDE RECORDS
Photo: Devil Inside Records
Dematus, the first band to join Devil Inside Records

Devil Inside Records

Founding Date/Founder(s): 2017, Dakota Horbaczek
Genre: “We focus on quality and community first. Our bands are not just high quality but are actively involved with their community in some way."
Artists/Bands Highlights: Features bands from different states and one from the UK. Local highlights include Dematus, FUBAR, Standard Broadcast, and The Whelming Waters
Inspiration: Wurmgroup. "They are an indie label based in L.A. I have some friends on the label itself. All their music has meaning and is some of the highest quality you could ever find. However, our community approach is based on many bands around the world who take the time to help charities and shelters."
Info: direcordspgh.com. Currently accepting submissions.
Email devilinsiderec@gmail.com for label interest.
Email devilinsidepromotions@gmail.com and dispotlight@gmail.com for promotional interest.**

Devil Inside Records became a label officially in January 2019 but has been around since April 2017 helping bands through independent promotions.

"There are a lot of bands that don’t fit into the traditional mold that get a lot of attention," says Horbaczek. "So we wanted to break that wide open and show that there are extraordinary bands playing just down the road on a Tuesday."

Devil Inside is two-tiered in its approach. It offers both promotional content and label assistance for bands, like online digital distribution to over 200 online stores and contacts for promoters, venues, and reviewers across the U.S.

"We have a promotional series that features bands from anywhere in the world of any genre," says Horbaczek. "We write up a blurb on them and post to our social media and website. Recently we started curating Spotify playlists as another means to feature indie bands."

While Pittsburgh is Devil Inside's home, and always will be, it is a digital record label. They don't have an office, allowing them to set up anywhere they like.

"On the worst days, I still couldn’t imagine doing anything else," says Horbaczek. "Music makes the world a better place."

**Note about submissions
While Devil Inside is always open to submissions for the label they also are very particular about the bands they accept. If you submit to the label and they don't accept your band, however, Devil Inside may still keep you on the list for a feature on the promotional side. 

"This way they can still walk away with something," says Horbaczek.

Are you a PGH record label? Contact Jordan at jsnowden[at]pghcitypaper.com.

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