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Jack Wilson Is Sorry

Jack Wilson never gets confused with Terrell Owens, so it's downright rare to hear the looooongtime Pirate mentioned in the same breath as an attack against the team's management. But that's exactly what happened in the wake of the recent Eric Hinske/Nyjer Morgan/Sean Burnett swaps on Tuesday. Jack was ticked, and he let his emotion get the best of him. If I may recap:

"The bottom line is, even if this trade does work out, it's not going to matter to 80 percent of the people in here" Wilson said. "And over the years, these trades haven't worked. Show me the ones that have worked."

They say time heals all wounds, and in this case, not much time had to pass before Wilson immediately regretted his words.

Jacko went on to add that his statements did not come as a result of management urging him to do so (which I question), but for now, we'll take him at his word. The bottom line is that Wilson is not part of the future, he knows it, he's been part of nothing but losing while in Pittsburgh, and by the time the Pirates do win (if ever), overwhelming odds are he won't be a part of it.

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