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From: http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2009/05/arlen-specter-boasts-he-isnt-rubber.html

Arlen Specter Boasts He Isn't a Rubber Stamp

Arlen Specter thinks his road to re-election takes him through the Land of Independents. He may be right. But he has to win the Pennsylvania Democratic primary first. Vice President Biden, who claims to have once lived in Scranton, and Governor Rendell assured him there wouldn't be one. Pennsylvania Democratic voters may have another idea though, especially with popular Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak edging closer to challenging the whole idea of Specter even being a Democrat. Specter has been emphasizing he's an independent and not a rubber stamp. The independent thing may work better among Pennsylvania's independents but they don't vote in the Democratic primary ... And as far as the claim that he's not a rubber stamp ... Well, he sure isn't a rubber stamp for Obama or the Democrats. He's still voting with the Republicans just like he always has ... He's against Employee Free Choice, against health care reform, opposing Obama's nominees, demanding to jump ahead of the seniority line to hold key Senate subcommittee chairmanships ... He is a rubber stamp -- and the worst kind ...

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