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Pirate Fans Have Something To Look Forward To


There aren't many big-league teams assured of making Major League history this year, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are one that is. All they have to do is do what they've done for the 16 years prior to this one and they're assured a dubious place in big-league lore. A losing season this year would give the Pirates 17 in a row, the longest losing streak by any major North American sports franchise.

This spring is actually kind of different for the Pirates. During most of Dave Littlefield's tenure, the Pirates made some superficial moves in hopes of drumming up false hope in the fan base for a season that was doomed. Neal Huntington and Frank Coonelly are focused on rebuilding this franchise from the bottom up and didn't really bother with any of that, resulting in a pretty disaffected fan base this spring. It's not their fault; Huntington and Coonelly and doing what they need to do. Of course, it's also hard to blame the fans for being fed up after so many losing situations. It's a tough place for everyone to be in ...

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