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From: http://sustainablog.org/2008/10/26/bright-lights-dark-cloud-examining-the-environmental-effects-of-fireworks/

Bright Lights, Dark Cloud: Examining the Environmental Effects of Fireworks

On Saturday, October 4, 2008, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania celebrated its 250th birthday in a climax of a fireworks display, thirty minutes long and launched from 17 different locations around the city, including barges floating on Pittsburgh's three rivers and off of downtown skyscrapers ...

Personally, while I was watching the spectacular displays, after a while I stopped being awed by the visual splendor and noticed my mind wandering to this thought: "what exactly is in those thick black clouds of firework byproduct eclipsing downtown?"

From: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-a-palermo/crazy-woman-in-pittsburgh_b_138128.html

Crazy Woman in Pittsburgh? Republican Problems Run Deeper

... I hope McCain's team of Karl Rove wannabes make 20 or 30 more mistakes in the final days before the election. Maybe McCain might once again dramatically "suspend his campaign" and produce the illusion he is a crisis manager. Or maybe he'll allow Palin to go on a real news show and answer real questions. ... Or maybe the McCain-Palin campaign will find another phony story like the crazy woman in Pittsburgh who carved a backwards "B" into her own cheek to pretend that violent blacks were rampaging, thereby proving the Republicans' contention that electing Obama is "dangerous."

The possibilities are virtually limitless.

From: http://steelerstoday.com/?p=981

James Harrison as long snapper?

To make matters worse, after James Harrison launched his first (and hopefully last) long snap over punter Mitch Berger's head, I saw James Farrior warming up on the sidelines to give it a try on the next punt. These are definitely signs of the apocalypse. Repent, for the end is near.

I'll be the first to admit that I know about as much about long snapping as I do about cold fusion. Nevertheless, I am completely confused by why the Steelers have a linebacker as their backup long snapper. After all, they have a guy on their team named Justin Hartwig. You know, the center. The guy who is paid to snap the ball for a living. Sure, he makes his living performing regular snaps, but how much different can a long snap be? Isn't it pretty much the same as snapping the ball to Ben Roethlisberger while he's in the shotgun formation? Something tells me that if Hartwig had snapped the ball to Berger, it wouldn't have gone 10 feet over his head.


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