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A Pittsburgh Community

... [I]n the midst of all the people, all the reading, I managed to walk away with a new chapbook from a Pittsburgh poet that caught my attention: Deborah Bogen. Her narratives absolutely make me hold my breath, which in poetry, is a good thing for me. Living by the Children's Cemetery was $2. Yes, on a table of $10 poetry books I managed to walk away with a hand-held narrative beauty for $2.


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AirTran adds Pittsburgh flights as US Airways cuts back

US Airways continues to chop away in Pittsburgh, which was once its most important hub. Effective Jan. 5, it will drop all nonstop flights to Florida. That's a total of 24 flights a week to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. The Florida move will make it easier for AirTran Airways, which will launch flights from Pittsburgh to Florida next month. By Thanksgiving, AirTran will fly daily to Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Fort Myers. US Airways is "literally handing the competition business," says Bradley Penrod, executive director of Pittsburgh's airport authority.


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Pittsburgh Palin Fundraiser Becomes Big Obama Rally

As I first blogged about here, Republican VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin was in downtown Pittsburgh Friday night for a private fundraiser. It cost $1,000 just to get in the door, $10,000 for a photo with Palin, and $25,000 to sit at a table with her.
... While local pols including State Rep. Mike Turzai, former U.S. Rep and current congresscritter wannabe Melissa Hart, Congressman Tim Murphy, and Allegheny County Republican Party Chair Jim Roddey attended, even the archconservative Richard Mellon Scaife-owned Tribune Review admitted that there were more folks outside protesting Palin than inside the fundraiser.

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