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Lesbians After Dark


So, Sunday was great. The air was cool, we get a ton of house stuff done and even snuck away for ice cream in the middle of the afternoon. Game time rolls around and we make good on a mutual promise to attack the giant pile of laundry that seems to have mutated in our bedroom. I wrestle away the last sock from the dogs and that's done. Change the sheets. Lay down to read my book and watch the game. Then ... the power goes out. We stumble around looking for flashlights and extra batteries. Wait, it's back! And there it goes again. We go through this seduction a few more times. Then we curl up with a flashlight each and a book.

Fast forward 18 hours ... still no electricity. What's up with that? This is Manchester. We are like 1 mile from the giant electric sucking wonder called Heinz Field. How can our part of the grid not be working? The police HQ is here. Do they have a backup generator? What about the poor critters at the Humane Society?

Our food is toast. Not literally b/c while the bread survives the fridge, the toaster is electric. Thank god we were too lazy to go shopping yesterday. The fancy new stove is great. Not so much the oven. Or any other useful appliance. I can shower and read by flashlight. I've never gone this long without power. Thankfully, it is cool and we have big windows that let in lots of light.

But it is creepy to sit here with no electricity sounds. No humms, no whirrs, no occasional clicks. I'm watching my neighbors bring in enough ice to make me wonder if they have a body they are preserving. Someone else is cutting up tree limbs. It isn't that exciting.

The PG is reporting that it might take up to Wednesday or Thursday to fix things in some areas. Yikes. I guess I'll be hauling all of my rechargeable gadgets into work tomorrow.

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