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Backstabbing Sleazeball Ford

As regular visitors to this site know, I support everything our handsome boy genius mayor Luke Ravenstahl does ... I used to even support Luke's decision to hire Pat Ford as Director of the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Because, I knew that if Luke liked Pat, then Pat must be a good person. SO, even when Pat Ford and his wife Alecia Slirky were accused of taking gifts from that Lamar guy, I knew it must not be true ... I figured that if Luke hired someone then he must be a good, upstanding public servant, honest and sincere.

Boy was I ever wrong about that!!

It turns out that, in his petulant and unprofessional resignation letter, Pat Ford, sounding like a spoiled little baby with too much poop in his diaper, has essentially accused Luke of incompetence and corruption. Can you believe it? Of course, I don't like anybody who accuses Luke of these things ... Pat Ford wants to clear his good name or some nonsense like that. Well, he can forget about that. His unbelievable letter pretty much cements his corrupt reputation to his name forever ...

I just want to say a final good riddance to you, Pat Ford. Now our beloved Mayor Luke can get on with doing what he is best at doing: running our great city, looking handsome and sexy, and making sure he has great people working for him. And the URA can get back to doing what it does best. Whatever that is ...

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