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I Just Can't Help It ... I Love Rick Sebak

I tried to sell back my algebra textbook at CCAC Boyce campus today, but since it was an online class & the book was shipped from the Allegheny campus on the North Side, that is the only bookstore location that could buy it back. That would normally be an experience enough to blog (more accurately, rant) about, but on the ride home, what I came upon in Willkillyinzburg, makes a much, much more interesting story. I was driving on Penn Avenue & what to do I see but Rick Sebak & a camera crew of three others taping in front of the Abe Lincoln statue! When I realized it was him, I actually gasped & then started giggling. I turned around & drove back past him, my windows rolled down, a pen & piece of paper out of my purse waiting on the passenger seat for an autograph. But I chickened out & didn't yell from my car window on the second drive-by. I'm disappointed in myself, but tonight, on this Friday night I'm spending home alone, I have memories of Rick Sebak's white mop of hair blowing in the Willkillyinzburg wind & his big belly hanging low over top the waistband of his khakis.

A few other Sebak things of note: Blair gave me a VHS copy of A Hot Dog Program for one birthday or Christmas gift many years ago, when we were in college. I am patiently waiting for the Halloween party so I can hear the much anticipated Sebak impression from Thaddeus. I just joined the Facebook group "Rick Sebak Lovers of the World." And this is the text exchange between Scoots & me after my encounter this afternoon:

Me: Rick Sebak is taping at the Abe Lincoln statue in Willkillyinzburg! I'm swooning!

Scoots: Haha i bet hearing that just caused u to auto-ovulate

Me: I didn't just hear it. I saw him. I couldn't continue on my trip, I had to go back home and change my panties.

Scoots: im going to get u a shirt made that says the following: front -- Rick Sebak got me all wet ... back -- ...by taking me on the log-jammer at Kennywood!

Me: Loves it!

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