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John McCain Apparently Gets Caught Lying About Naming the Pittsburgh Steelers Line in Vietnam

Well, we finally have what I guess could be called our first real controversy of this presidential campaign -- or maybe it's the 87th controversy, I don't know, I don't really pay attention -- and it's sports related! Awesome!

Yes, as you may have heard, John McCain was in Pittsburgh recently and told reporters that when asked by his Vietnamese captors to name his squadron mates during interrogation, he instead gave them the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line. A cool story, yes. But, uh, who was on the Steelers line when McCain was shot down in '67?

If you said Ken Kortas, Chuck Hinton, Ben McGee and Lloyd Voss, you win a free candy bar. And you also immediately know McCain was pandering for votes.

The Steelers line that everyone is familiar with -- Mean Joe Greene, Dwight White, Ernie Holmes and L.C. Greenwood -- wasn't together for another [five] years.

Also, there's no reason why McCain would have been a Steelers fan in '67. He isn't a native Pittsburgher and as Fanhouse points out, the Steelers were one of the worst teams in football in '67 and were coming off a stretch of six losing seasons.

And what makes McCain's move even stupider is that it's well known that he actually gave his captors the names of Green Bay's defensive line, since that's what he's been saying for years, and even wrote in his book "Faith of My Fathers."

Anyway, McCain's camp says this was an honest mistake. By the way, if you believe that, you're an idiot.

But then this whole thing is also idiotic to begin with anyway. Politicians pandering for votes is like athletes getting arrested or having illegitimate kids. It comes with the territory. We shouldn't be shocked at all when stuff like this happens. It's like rockers who come to Detroit and say "I love this city!" No you don't. No one loves Detroit, not even the people that live there.

So, does this move make McCain a bad guy? No, not at all. But does it make him look like a guy going to any means necessary to score votes? Yes, yes it does. And will it be used against him by Obama's team? Of course it will, because Obama's trying to do the same thing McCain is -- become President.

People, for somewhat obvious reasons, call politics the ultimate bloodsport. From my own personal experiences, I can't say I disagree. You see a lot of otherwise good people do a lot of bad things in the name of politics. If this is the worst thing either candidate does in terms of pandering for votes during this election campaign, we should consider ourselves extremely lucky.

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