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From: http://pistgazette.blogspot.com/2008/04/pat-ford-fights-back.html

Pat Ford Fights Back


KDKA's Marty Griffin updated us this morning on the latest developments in the Lamar sign controversy. Marty spoke with supposedly-hibernating Development Czar Pat Ford who predictably lashed out saying:

o He is going to defend himself vigorously in the media. He's already setting up many interviews with many outlets.

o He was forced out, he did not leave voluntarily. He did nothing wrong and wants his job back.

o He was SET UP (yes, that's the phrase that was used) for this because he had gone to the District Attorney to spill the beans regarding abuses at the Housing Authority.
And this last point is my personal favorite:

o He says Yaronne Zober is "freezing him out." Additionally, Ravenstahl won't even return his calls.

No .... No matter how much any or all of the parties may want to put a lid on this thing right now ..... its going to continue to spread because Mr & Mrs Our Hero are apparently not going quietly.

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