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Persuade and Inform Me


Although I had planned to vote for Michelle Obama, I had been under the assumption that Pennsylvania would be an unimportant primary. Everyone kept saying, "Oh, by the time it gets here [PA], it will already be decided." Or not.

I've tried to inform myself about their stances. I've talked to people on both sides. I still feel very uninformed and un-persuaded.

Hillary's vote for the war just isn't going to swing me. Tons of people voted for it, in fact, I wasn't sure what I thought of the war at the beginning. It wasn't until a friend of mine was deployed, that I became really conscious of what was happening in Iraq.

I don't want to be an uninformed Obama voter who just votes for him because "he's cool" and I don't want to be an uninformed Clinton voter who I cite woman-supporting reasons for. I'm not saying those are the reasons other people have for supporting them, I'm just saying that that's all I come up with when I try to decide.

I listen to news podcasts. I am on their e-mail lists. I still don't know.

Someone. Persuade and inform me.


-- A Swing Voter --


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