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Got any leftover cooking grease?

I recently blogged about a friend of mine named Peter. He graduated and moved away from Pittsburgh a year and a half ago. Recently, his last job was on an organic farm. He had left me a message saying that at some point when he came to visit me, he would be driving a veggie-oil powered car. I smiled, rolled my eyes, and [I] told him I would keep Triple A on speed dial.

He showed up and surprised me this weekend. Not only did he surprise me, he also told me that he is moving back to Pittsburgh (!!!) and was indeed Driving A Jeep that Runs on Cooking Grease. He and his girlfriend had bought some kind of kit that helps you refit your engine and cooling system so that it can run on cooking grease. Then they refit her Jeep and drove all the way from Virginia to Oberlin for Thanksgiving then Oberlin to Pittsburgh to visit various Pittsburgh friends. They gave me a ride back home -- right after we stopped by this little restaurant near Zenith, explained the car to the manager working, and walked away with a lot of big bottles that usually hold things like the fluid for your window wipers. Instead, they were full of cooking grease. The amount we carried away covers 225 miles -- for free. It was awesome.

A young person is moving back to Pittsburgh -- in a veggie-powered Jeep. It doesn't get any cooler than that.


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