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Downtown Livin'

One of the things that Gretchen's fam asked us about when they were in town last weekend was what it's like living downtown. When they lived in the area, the only people who lived downtown were uber-rich, and even for them it wasn't all that livable. It was deserted after 5, there weren't any grocery stores, and the activity-options weren't so hot.

When they first asked us about it, though, we just looked at them like they were crazy. Although we don't remember it ourselves, whoever planned the downtown living areas did a really good job. There's lots of mixed income places, there's no need for a car because there's a couple nice grocery stores around the area, and if there was more to do at night we'd probably move out because it would be way too hip for us. It's awesome to be right by Uptown, which is where most of the cool (and inexpensive) places are, and being that all of the train lines pass within a couple blocks from us we can get almost anywhere in the city. One of the best days we had last summer was when we took the red line out to Kennywood with a bunch of people and on the way back transferred to the blue and saw a movie at the Waterworks.

It also doesn't hurt to be within easy walking distance of the stadiums, the arena, and the strip. We are saving up to buy a house though, so we won't be living the dream forever, but for young people, it's a pretty sweet option.

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