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Sept. 10

I Agree ... It's Not a Rivalry

I guess it could be worse. Just think if you [are] one of the Browns' zealots who predicted a 10-6 or 11-5 record for this season. You would have to be sick to your stomach this morning. Your football team wiped out an off season of optimism in less than one half of the first regular season game, as the Steelers stomped the Browns at home once again, 34-7, yesterday afternoon. I don't want to hear any more about the so-called rivalry between the two teams because it certainly doesn't exist.

This was brought home to me in the fourth quarter when the Steelers ran an end around ahead by 27 points, yet the Browns' defense just accepted it. To me, it was an outrage. They were already killing us, and then they put in and run a gadget play? Do you think Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield or the players on the "Dawg Defense" would have done nothing about this? The next play there would have been a personal foul on one the members of that defense. This team just accepts that they are the nail to the Steelers' hammer.

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