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PITTSBURGH - Yoko Ono, artist, singer and widow of John Lennon, is being accused by some political insiders of breaking up the Luke Ravenstahl-Dan Onorato team. Ms. Ono purportedly has allied herself with Onorato and driven a wedge between the two politicians over merging Pittsburgh into Allegheny County.

Ravenstahl has done little to dispel the accusations. The mayor invited himself on David Letterman’s Friday night show and told Letterman that “yes, there’s been a fair amount of friction that she [Yoko Ono] is responsible for.” Letterman pressed Ravenstahl for specifics, and the mayor explained: “I can’t think of anything specific, but the mere fact that a person like that is around is enough to cause friction, divisiveness, don’t you think?”

Onorato refused to comment on the allegations, noting only that “Ms. Ono and I are friends, and she is a valuable source of political insight.” When Ms. Ono was asked about the allegations, she shrieked the word “why” at the top of her lungs for five minutes.

Some insiders say Ms. Ono had nothing to do with the breakup, arguing it was caused by the fact that Onorato and Ravenstahl are moving in different directions politically and musically.

Ms. Ono has also been linked to the breakup of The Beatles, China’s Gang of Four, and the Three Stooges.

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