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So when I leave the U.S., the Pittsburgh Public Schools were going to be called the Pittsburgh Schools. Apparently while I was away, all sorts of shit hit the fan because upon my return, I see it's back to being the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Besides the fact that I couldn't care less what they called the schools. They could call them Steve for all I care. What matters is this, "Is Steve doing a good job of educating the kids and keeping them safe?"

Besides that, there's this:

The district did, however, pay about $15,000 to a pair of consultants who suggested the school district start using a shorter name on letterhead and other written materials.

Fifteen thousand dollars?!? FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS?!!? To tell you to take a word out of your name? There's a Dilbert strip here somewhere. I just know it.

That does it. I'm becoming a consultant. Do you think UPMC will pay me $15,000 to suggest to them that they change their name to King Kong?

Also: "So we're going to put it back in, even though it will make the name a little bit longer and cumbersome."

Yeah, I don't know about you, but when I go to type "Pittsburgh Public Schools" and I get to the second word, I have to pause a moment, sip some Gatorade and go, "This is SO cumbersome. Gawd."

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