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From: http://deadspin.com/sports/job-openings-now-listed-on-careerbuilder.com/one-more-pittsburgh-pirates-fan-will-stake-a-walkout-275968.php

job openings now listed on careerbuilder.com

Earlier this year, Kevin McClatchy released the chair of Pittsburgh Pirates majority owner from his grasp. Since he was on a roll, yesterday he announced he will let go of another cherished title at the end of the year: CEO. Hey, if you love something, let it go. If it finally earns a winning season, it was never your position to begin with.

And what better way to completely relinquish executive duties of a cellar-dwelling team by channeling the unnerving wisdom of football sage John Madden?

"Somebody asked why, and I keep referring to what John Madden said ... John Madden said, 'You get about 10 years in the frying pan and then burnout can take place.' It was the right time for me to make that change."

Actually, Mr. McClatchy, I believe Madden wasn't using a metaphor, but rather talking about an actual frying pan that was burning a steak.

But despite the lack of never winning, well, anything with the Pirates, the guy seemed to have done a damn fine job, day in, day out, every week for a very long time. I say they replace him with three no-names.

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