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from: http://darnnews.blogspot.com/2007/07/its-about-bobbleheads-not-baseball.html

It's about bobbleheads, not baseball

Only an estimated 1,000 attendees left their seats during the fourth inning at the Saturday night protest. I was one of them.
I participated because I’m a loyalist, contrary to what Bob Nutting and some wackjob fans define loyalty as . . .
I can’t stop buying tickets or listening to games. I’m a diehard. Being a Pirates fan - like being a fanatic for any team - is not a rational behavior. Telling me to stop being a fan is like telling a Catholic who is upset with the priest-abuse scandal to stop attending church. But seriously folks, baseball is much more important - and rational - than religion.
Even if I stopped attending, listening to, or watching games, I will not impact baseball economics. Baseball's revenue sharing structure is the greatest hinderance to producing a winning franchise. The lower the Pirates local revenues are (ticket sales, TV contracts), the greater their share of national revenues.
… The Pirates have produced a culture without accountability. I do not want to stand idly by and accept losing. I want to scream in anguish!
And despite my hatred for the Axis of Evil (Tracy, Littlebrain, McNutting) I’ll probably attend two more games this week at $5 a pop (gotta love those scalpers). I go for Pirates baseball, not bobbleheads, beach blankets, and pierogie races. These casual fans have forgotten about the game. And the season-ticket holder has been hoodwinked, too. It's all about the distractions.

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