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When will Mayor Lukey learn?

Add to the list of mistakes Luke Ravenstahl has made in his first year as mayor his poor decision in supporting the casino construction before a proper traffic study can be conducted.

Then he says, "I think it should be studied. Obviously you won't have as good of a feel for the impact until the actual traffic is there. But nevertheless, I think it is important to have a study completed prior to the facility opening."

Thanks, ass. So you want construction on a building to begin first? Wouldn't you want to enhance the surrounding roadways BEFORE construction so that traffic isn't a nightmare once the casino is open? Makes sense to BurghBoy.

But a lot of things make sense to BurghBoy that don't seem to make sense to Mayor Lukey. Is he even old enough to gamble?

BurghBoy wants to take Lukey to Kennywood and watch him cry as the ride attendant to the Jack Rabbit says, "Ohhh, I'm sorry sweetie but you're not tall enough to ride."

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