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When we signed the baby up for tee ball, I looked at the "Every Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m." bit and thought that I comprehended it and when the husband whined, I shushed him. However, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m. sucks much ass. Particularly because I am a bad parent and do things like go out to dance and have drinks every now and then.We blearily showed up for tee ball ... and I went to the ... Mini Mart down the hill to get some coffee and some type of breakfast food. Brookline is obviously trying to kill me by just refusing to have any place that sells decent coffee. The mini mart was a piece of shit and I hate it for two main reasons: pitiful selection of breakfast foods and asshole cashiers. While I was fixing myself a cup of burnt coffee and adding about 15 International Delights French Vanilla non-dairy creamers to it to hide the taste, an older guy walked in. He was dirty. He stood a few feet away from me and farted very loudly. Thanks, dude. When I went up to pay the cashier, a guy in his 60s, who actually had pomade in his hair and was wearing a rather nasty muscle shirt, said to me, "Are you having trouble waking up? You look really tired." I'm really sick of people saying that to me. I'm a working mom and a grad student. How should I look?

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