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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is merely the tip of the iceberg where the ongoing Republican purge of Democrats is concerned. ... More scandalous, however, are the 84 U.S. Attorneys who weren't fired. One of them is the U.S. Attorney for western Pennsylvania, Mary Beth Buchanan.

KDKA News in Pittsburgh reports that Buchanan refused to investigate former Republican Senator Rick Santorum when he was accused of sending his children to private school in Virginia while getting a tuition refund from the state of Pennsylvania. At the time of Santorum's corruption coming to light, though, Buchanan did decide to start investigating Allegheny County Coroner Cyril Wecht. Wecht was indicted on 84 counts of mail fraud in January 2006, around the same time Senator Santorum's re-election campaign was starting up.

Mary Beth Buchanan needs much more scrutiny, as do all the other U.S. Attorneys who weren't fired during the Bush administration's recent purge. The fact that these attorneys were viewed by the Bush administration to be doing a good enough job is fishy as hell. That doesn't automatically make them all guilty, of course, but it does call for plenty of scrutiny right now.

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